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291043Re: OT: Mail forwarding services

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  • /dev/rob0
    Jan 30 12:27 PM
      On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 10:13:58AM -0200, Fernando Maior wrote:
      > In the area where my office is, internet providers cannot offer us
      > links with fixed ip, only dhcp. I wonder if someone in the list
      > knows about a mail forwarder server that can receive emails from my
      > server and forwards them to the internet in our behalf.

      Perhaps cheaper, and perhaps better than this: you could get a VPS
      and run your own mail service, both MX and outbound, from there.
      There are many different VPS providers, as well as different
      virtualization technologies they use.


      I wouldn't say a VPS is for everyone: you generally do need to be (or
      to have employed) a competent system administrator, not to mention a
      mail system administrator . But it's also an affordable way to gain
      such experience.
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