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290939Re: Sufficiently locked down?

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    Jan 25, 2013
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      On Jan 24, 2013, at 22.57, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

      >> commendably, he is at least making an attempt to properly use submission [which, btw, is far from "useless" and has nothing to do with the route a packet might take].
      > The primary features of the submission service are TLS encryption and
      > authentication.

      the primary feature of the submission service is to provide different ports for servers and clients, so that the appropriate policy can be applied to each, independently. these policies are quite obviously completely subjective, and may or may not include smtp auth [and thus with it, encryption]. the submission protocol defines a port for clients to use, period. it does not say "use port 587, unless you are talking to localhost, in which case use port 25."

      > Even the user logging of submission is useless, as it's a single user box.

      hmm, not sure where you got this idea. there have been no such statements from the op.

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