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290828Re: Balancing destination concurrency + rate delay

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  • Rafael Azevedo
    Jan 18, 2013
      > I read that warning, but wasn't sure I understood it properly. I know that setting destination recipient limit to anything above one > defines a "destination" as a domain, so by setting it to 2 we're saying "wait 1s between every delivery to a Yahoo domain,"
      > right? And if every message sent is unique, would that mean there'd be no difference between a setting of 2 and the default of 50
      > in this case?

      That's right, but Postfix will send one message at time to the destination, even if the message is not  unique.
      I'd suggest you to map all Yahoo's domains. They have basically every extension for each country (ie: yahoo.fr, yahoo.de, etc). Putting them all in the same transport queue will help you to control parallel deliveries, or forcing them all to use the same destination (ie: yahoo:yahoo.com on transport table).

      I'm not sure about how Postfix would behave if you use 2 or 50 in the default_destination_concurrency_limit, but I guess if you use 2 it will limit the concurrency delivery to the same destination to 2 at time. If you use 50, you'll have 50 postfix threads sending to the same destination (I wouldnt suggest that if you dont want to get blocked by Yahoo). I guess Wietse can help you better than me in this case.

      Good luck.
      - Rafael
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