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290802Re: smtp_fallback_relay and greylists

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jan 17, 2013
      Steve Jenkins:
      > Could this be achieved with a single instance of Postfix on one
      > host machine configured for 2+ virtual domains with the same domain
      > name ( mailer1.example.com, mailer2.example.com, etc.), or would
      > it need to be two separate instances of Postfix running on the
      > same host?

      The idea of smtp_fallback_relay is to NOT share the mail queue.

      > Regardless, if they two MTAs used the same smtp_bind_address,
      > wouldn't that mean that only one of them would match the host's
      > reverse DNS lookup, and that the other would have mail rejected
      > by remote hosts that verify the reverse IP matches the sending IP?

      smtp_bind_address sets the SOURCE IP address.

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