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290427Re: Multi-line bounce messages

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jan 4, 2013
      Hannes Lau:
      > Dear Postfix users,
      > I am trying to bounce all messages to a specific domain with a
      > multi-line message. To do so, I added the error mailer to my
      > /etc/postfix/transport and specified a bounce reason like this:
      > domainname.tld error: first line of message \n
      > second line of message \n
      > third line of message
      > Unfortunately, the \n characters do not get replaced by line breaks when

      As documented, there is no support for expanding \n in transport
      maps or in the Postfix bounce daemon.

      > Now I am wondering if there is any way to specify multi-line messages
      > for the reason a message got bounced. And would be very happy for any
      > hints you could provide.

      Sorry, Postfix does not support ASCII-art error messages.

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