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290367Domain alias rewriting

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  • Kristof Bajnok
    Jan 3, 2013

      I have several alias domains, I mean where users should receive mails
      for both user@... (call it 'canonical') and user@...
      ('alias') mail addresses.

      However, the delivery is done by an LMTP server which can not handle the
      alias domains, its user database (LDAP) only contains the canonical
      addresses, therefore I need to rewrite the aliased addresses to
      canonical ones in Postfix before passing the message to the MDA. How can I?

      As Postfix is so thoroughly documented, I suspect this use case is also
      covered, I just couldn't find it.

      My other question was going to be how I could verify the 'alias' address
      in RCPT stage (a wildcard virtual_alias_maps entry prevents this), but I
      think I already found the answer: write your own policy script.

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