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290366Re: using the character @ in the local part

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  • Viktor Dukhovni
    Jan 2, 2013
      On Thu, Jan 03, 2013 at 04:49:50AM +0100, Michael Blessenohl wrote:

      > /var/log/mail.info:
      > Jan 3 03:09:45 hostname postfix/smtpd[5781]: connect from
      > mail-we0-f173.google.com[]
      > Jan 3 03:09:45 hostname postfix/smtpd[5781]: warning: Illegal
      > address syntax from mail-we0-f173.google.com[] in RCPT
      > command: <"@"@...>

      The RFC specifies the maximal valid character set for email addresses.
      Not all the constructs in this maximally valid character set are
      safe on security, anti-relay, robustness, legacy-compatibility and
      other grounds.

      This thread is a dead-end. If you want to waste your time, you could
      try setting:

      resolve_dequoted_address = no

      that might help, but I would not bet on it.

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