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290279Re: postconf expansion

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  • Wietse Venema
    Dec 24, 2012
      Viktor Dukhovni:
      > Happy new year to you too! Thanks for the holiday present.
      > It'll make life easier to tell people to report:
      > $ postconf -q user@... $(postconf -Rh virtual_alias_maps|tr ',' ' ')
      > (and similar recipes) than to have to explain the details in a series
      > of posts...

      OK, the 20121224 Christmas edition does this and more, and it also
      produces more warnings. As for the latter I wonder if it will freak
      out people and would need to be shut up at install/upgrade time.

      Below is a fragment from the current RELEASE_NOTES file.


      Major changes with snapshot 20121224

      The postconf command has been updated to make trouble-shooting (and
      support) easier. In summary, use "postconf -Mnxf" and "postconf
      -nxf" to review master.cf and main.cf parameter settings with
      expanded parameter values.

      - "postconf -x" now expands $name in main.cf and master.cf parameter

      - "postconf -Mn" now shows only master.cf entries with "-o name=value"
      parameter settings.

      - postconf warns about attempts to modify a read-only parameter
      (process_name, process_id) in main.cf or master.cf.

      - postconf warns about an undefined $name in a parameter value in
      main.cf or master.cf (except for backwards-compatibility parameters
      such as $virtual_maps).
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