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290179Re: delivering mail to separate users

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  • Viktor Dukhovni
    Dec 20, 2012
      On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 12:25:03PM -0500, Simon Brereton wrote:

      > >> I did postmap the virtual_alias_maps. Is there something else I should I do?
      > >
      > > No, but you've likely misconfigured other elements of the system.
      > I think this is ok. Output is:
      > mail:/etc/postfix# postconf -h virtual_alias_maps
      > proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/Mail-Alias.cf, hash:/etc/postfix/virtual_user_aliases

      So you have two tables mysql and a hash table.

      > > $ postmap -fq newuser@... $maps

      After setting "maps" to the exact list tables you configured.

      $ postmap -fq newuser@... \
      mysql:/etc/postfix/Mail-Alias.cf \

      You almost certainly have an entry for "newuser@..."
      in the mysql table that hides any data in the hash table. Perhaps
      you should list the hash table first, if you want it to take
      precedence over mysql.

      > >
      > > To check that the result of the expansion of the user via
      > > $virtual_alias_maps.
      > Here I ran into problems.
      > mail:/etc/postfix# postmap -fq newuser@... $maps
      > postmap: fatal: usage: postmap [-Nfinoprsvw] [-c config_dir] [-d key]
      > [-q key] [map_type:]file...
      > postfix/postmap[31144]: fatal: usage: postmap [-Nfinoprsvw] [-c
      > config_dir] [-d key] [-q key] [map_type:]file...

      I'm disappointed you could not then figure it out by reading the manpage,
      or parsing the "usage:" message.

      postmap -q key map [optionally more maps]

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