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290164Re: delivering mail to separate users

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  • Viktor Dukhovni
    Dec 20, 2012
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      On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 12:24:30AM -0500, Simon Brereton wrote:

      > >> newuser@... director@..., newuser@...
      > >>
      > >> But it occurs to me that this will create a loop - no?
      > >
      > > No, there is no loop, virtual alias expansion eliminates exactly
      > > this kind of loop and delivers email to the leaf address and
      > > to its peers.
      > When I do this mail is only delivered to newuser@... and not
      > director@... as well.
      > I did postmap the virtual_alias_maps. Is there something else I should I do?

      No, but you've likely misconfigured other elements of the system.

      To test the table contents:

      1. postconf -h virtual_alias_maps

      If this contains no unexpanded ${variable} references, just set

      maps=$(postconf -h virtual_alias_maps)

      Otherwise, figure out what the variables expand to and set

      maps="type1:table1 type2:table2 ..."

      for all the maps in resulting from the expansion.

      2. Run:

      $ postmap -fq newuser@... $maps

      To check that the result of the expansion of the user via

      3. Make sure you have not disabled virtual_alias_maps expansion via:


      4. Check your logs (http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html#mail)
      you'll see how many recipients each message expands to, from
      what original addresses, and how each recipient was or failed to be

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