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290096Re: Directive "mynetwork" and "mynetwork_style"

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  • Benny Pedersen
    Dec 15, 2012
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      Muhammad Yousuf Khan skrev den 14-12-2012 08:43:
      > i am confuse about the utilization of directives: "mynetwork" and
      > "mynetwork_style"

      dont define them in main.cf if defaults works

      postconf -d | grep mynetwork

      eg postfix knows all data from the host it runs on anyway

      so add # to the lines with mynetwork, mynetwork_style to keep defaults

      > is "mynetwork" directive completely dependent on "mynetwork_style".
      > can i use only "mynetwork" for relaying messages or i always have to
      > use "mynetwork_style" along with "mynetwork" to allow relaying to
      > particular host or subnet.

      yes, the parameters only need to be changed if you know more or if you
      have 2 servers that have diff physical wan ips or same owner of the
      networks that are not known on the host you run one server on
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