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290056Re: Ubuntu Upgrade broke my TLS

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  • Scott Kitterman
    Dec 13, 2012
      On Thursday, December 13, 2012 03:05:12 PM Benny Pedersen wrote:
      > Tony Nelson skrev den 13-12-2012 02:04:
      > > It appears that my upgrade didn't go so well. After running apt-get
      > > update/upgrade I ended up upgrading some 250+ packages, including
      > > Postfix. I now have 2.9.3-2~12.04.4 as you suggested and TLS has
      > > started working again.
      > thanks for using opensource that are precompiled :=)
      > with freebsd/gentoo this problem would not exists

      Thanks for spread FUD about other FOSS projects. If the OP had left his
      system in the default configuration and installed all available updates, the
      problem would not have existed.

      Being on FreeBSD or Gentoo wouldn't help if the system isn't kept up to date.

      Scott K
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