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290039Re: Change headers in outgoing email

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  • Benny Pedersen
    Dec 12, 2012
      Ali Jawad skrev den 12-12-2012 21:35:

      > Thank you for the prompt reply, basically I want it to show
      > information other than what is in the hosts file,

      why ?

      > I do have postfix with 7 instances and I want each instance to
      > show it's own IP, instead it is showing the hostname in /etc/hosts

      do you have 7 wan-ips on this server ?

      if not, forget it :)

      each instanse will use hostname it binds to, so all wan hostname must
      be defined in /etc/hosts, and overwride in master.cf is still possible
      with one instance, this works for incomming, but was the question for
      outgoing smtp ?

      more then one instance is only needed for outgoing

      PS: no need to send cc to me privately aslong i am still here
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