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289964Re: Status code of multiline responses logged

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  • Reindl Harald
    Dec 8 4:34 AM
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      Am 08.12.2012 13:26, schrieb Robert Sander:
      >> You assume that all response lines will have the same reply code,
      >> but that is not necessarily true. If Postfix were to log the first
      >> reply code only, then you would never be aware of the discrepancy.
      > RFC821 Appendix E states:
      > The format for multiline replies requires that every line,
      > except the last, begin with the reply code, followed
      > immediately by a hyphen, "-" (also known as minus), followed by
      > text. The last line will begin with the reply code, followed
      > immediately by <SP>, optionally some text, and <CRLF>.
      > So I would assume that you could leave out response codes except for the
      > first line for the log output when concatenating a multiple response.

      the problem is that nearly all clients are only display the LAST
      respsonse-line which is as example currently a real problem with
      "smtpd_reject_footer" because the user wil never see anything except
      the footer, AFAIK the will be the possiblity on postfix 2.10 to
      add the reject-footer without a new line to solve this

      i had this last week again where i customer did not understand the
      error message (which contained only the request footer) and a look
      in the maillog showed me that "reject_non_fqdn_recipient" was the
      (correct) reason

      "Recipient address rejected: need fully-qualified address"
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