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289963Re: Status code of multiline responses logged

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  • Robert Sander
    Dec 8, 2012
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      Am 07.12.2012 22:29, schrieb Wietse Venema:
      > Florian Pritz:
      > Checking application/pgp-signature: FAILURE
      > -- Start of PGP signed section.
      > [ Charset UTF-8 unsupported, converting... ]
      >> Hi,
      >> I've just seen the following log entry:
      >>> postfix/smtp[21188]: A494013804C: host eggs.gnu.org[] said: 451-Your sender e-mail address could not be verified. You're greylisted for 20 451 minutes. Come back later. (in reply to RCPT TO command)
      > ...
      >> I know that the "451 " after in front of minutes is part of the SMTP
      >> protocol, but I really think that postfix shouldn't log it like that.
      >> IMHO the log entry should either be split into one line per response
      >> line from the server or better yet, it should strip the status code from
      >> all but the first line.
      > You assume that all response lines will have the same reply code,
      > but that is not necessarily true. If Postfix were to log the first
      > reply code only, then you would never be aware of the discrepancy.

      RFC821 Appendix E states:

      The format for multiline replies requires that every line,
      except the last, begin with the reply code, followed
      immediately by a hyphen, "-" (also known as minus), followed by
      text. The last line will begin with the reply code, followed
      immediately by <SP>, optionally some text, and <CRLF>.

      So I would assume that you could leave out response codes except for the
      first line for the log output when concatenating a multiple response.

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