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289946Re: Bounces back to myself

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  • Reindl Harald
    Dec 7, 2012
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      Am 07.12.2012 09:37, schrieb Muzaffer Tolga Özses:
      >> do not accept mail unless you deliver it.
      >> now, if you have queued mail to remove, you can use
      >> # postsuper -d $queueid
      > The domain exists, but not the user. How do I achieve your suggestion?

      in my setup "local_recipient_maps" must contain all existent RCPT
      but my setup maybe very special qith a lot of mysql-maps and tables
      because dbmail as storage/imap/pop3

      BEFORE any mailserver will be connected to the internet it
      is a basic task to make 100% sure not accept messages which
      can not be finally delivered - either you will get blacklisted
      because backscattering very soon
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