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289896Re: Remote Access and multiple Domains

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  • Noel Jones
    Dec 4, 2012
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      On 12/4/2012 2:05 PM, wisplists@... wrote:
      > Yes, we have read both before we posted and have researched heavily
      > on the internet. Hence the way the email sent, we have followed more
      > than one setup troubleshoot.
      > We were hoping a fresh pair of eyes would pick up the mistake we
      > have made.

      Please don't top post.

      You didn't include enough information for anyone to help you,
      basically "here's my postconf -n output that doesn't work" with no

      Please see: http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html#mail

      Include in your request for help:
      - a clear description of the problem; what isn't working, what you
      expected to happen, what really happened.

      - supporting documentation; "postconf -n" output and master.cf
      modifications (or better, postfinger output), and unedited
      non-verbose logs displaying the unwanted behavior, including any
      errors or warnings in the postfix logs.

      - corrective measures you've already tried.

      - if you're having trouble with SASL authentication, saslfinger
      output is helpful, along with a recording of a test login attempt,
      including whatever is logged during the attempt. Caution, the logs
      may contain easily-decoded passwords; use a test account.

      -- Noel Jones
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