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289882Remote Access and multiple Domains

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  • wisplists@airnet.ca
    Dec 4, 2012
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      It was in 2006 That Mouss help me setup our Postfix  box and it worked flawlessly till November 27th 2012, when We had to upgrade the box to the latest version of webmin for the ability to watch our raid device, that the problems started. An unruly apt-get started deleting files and bingo, our postfix with courier, cyrus, squirrelmail and dbadmin ceased to function.
      Now today we have a postfix, with dovecot, dovecot sasl, roundcube and hopefully postfixadmin when we are done. We still have our original mysql database and nothing was lost there.
      Problem is that we cannot remotely log in via smtp, but can with imap and pop3. Also cannot have email sent to our other domains that we also host.

      Which files and logs are required to assist us please?

      You have a Good Day now,
      Carl A Jeptha
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