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289871Re: avoiding overload on port 587

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  • Reindl Harald
    Dec 4, 2012
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      Am 04.12.2012 08:54, schrieb Tomas Macek:
      > Everyone here says me, that MUAs should send their mails through 587.
      > I can't do that without iptables, because all
      > the people here have Outlook Expresses setup with port 25 for sending
      > emails from default configuration

      so stop your whole project and leave all as it was if you
      are not willing to make your job - who cares about default

      * prepare the changes
      * anncounce the changes
      * give people a timewindow to apply the changes
      * do the changes
      * done

      yes this is work

      but hey, this work happens only because before was done
      a really poor job on allow any enduser client to send
      mails without authentication and yes you can enable
      smtp auth on port 25 too the same time as 587 where it
      is mandatory
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