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289867Re: avoiding overload on port 587

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  • Robert Schetterer
    Dec 3, 2012
      Am 04.12.2012 08:20, schrieb Tomas Macek:
      > On Tue, 4 Dec 2012, Reindl Harald wrote:
      >> Am 04.12.2012 07:58, schrieb Tomas Macek:
      >>>> 2) why would you setup a submission service that doesn't require auth
      >>>> from MUAs?
      >>> It's because they never had to. It is a historical problem. Now we
      >>> have thousands of customers, that never had to
      >>> authenticate, so there is no power to force them to do it now.
      >> than you have lost any game
      > Still hope I didn't. My roadmap:
      > 1) split 25 and 587 with permit_mynetworks on 587 and thus allow the
      > people without auth to send their email to 587

      > 2) by means of prerouting rule of iptables redirect sending emails from
      > $mynetworks to 587

      dont do that, makes no sense

      > 3) the rest of the users are the ones, that travel with their notebooks
      > around country and change providers and they will have to reconfigure
      > their computers. There is no other chance. These are dozens.

      dozends are not much

      if sombody cant connect, he will contact you by phone etc
      anyway if you mailed them before that things gonna change and what to do
      you may stay cool cause you gonna get them to better mail service

      if you have autoconfigure setup for thunderbird and outlook, its no big
      thing for users to change, just two clicks, existing webmail should work

      > Tomas

      Best Regards
      MfG Robert Schetterer

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