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289232Re: Does an option "include" exist?

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    Nov 2, 2012
      On Thu, Nov 01, 2012 at 05:56:46PM +0100, Christian Rößner wrote:
      > rob0:
      > >Christian:
      > >> I have a trivial question: I have several smtpd blocks in my
      > >> master.cf. Most of the time with similar options, but maybe just
      > >> single options change. Is there some "include" option that I
      > >> could cut these options and paste them in a separate file and
      > >> include it where needed?
      > >
      > > Since it is not documented in master(5), it's safe to assume it
      > > it does not exist. I doubt Wietse is interested in implementing
      > > such a feature, but he can of course answer for himself.
      > I wasn't sure if "my" idea was good or bad. I simply thought
      > about reducing redundancy and therefor lowering the risk of
      > doing mistakes, if changes in config are required.

      I'm not saying it is a "bad" idea. It might even be something for
      Wietse to consider if/when work begins on a non-compatible Postfix
      "3.0". I think it would be difficult to ensure downgradability with
      such a feature.

      > > A workaround which can accomplish the same thing is to create
      > > a Makefile and use make(1).
      > Yes, that seems a good idea for now. So this would lead in
      > something like a template system, where "make" builds the
      > final master.cf.

      And this fits in with the general Unix philosophy of small tools
      which do one job well and can work together to do big jobs. It's
      upgrade- and downgrade-resistant, also.
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