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289217Re: Disable check sender address syntax

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  • Wietse Venema
    Nov 1, 2012
      Michal Kurka:
      > Hello.
      > I need accept incoming mails with invalid envelope sender address. But
      > Postfix reject these mails:
      > MAIL FROM: <@168.1.150>
      > 501 5.1.7 Bad sender address syntax
      > I used "sender_canonical_maps" with record
      > @168.1.150 user@...
      > but this isn't enough.
      > (In old version Postfix (2.1.5) it was enough.)
      > How can I solve this now?

      The SMTP server supports command rewriting with regular expressions.
      It was created for cases like this (and for testing such cases).

      smtpd_command_filter (default: empty)
      A mechanism to transform commands from remote SMTP clients. This is a
      last-resort tool to work around client commands that break inter-oper-
      ability with the Postfix SMTP server. Other uses involve fault injec-
      tion to test Postfix's handling of invalid commands.

      Specify the name of a "type:table" lookup table. The search string is
      the SMTP command as received from the remote SMTP client, except that
      initial whitespace and the trailing <CR><LF> are removed. The result
      value is executed by the Postfix SMTP server.

      See also the examples of things that don't need smtpd_command_filter,
      and of things that do.

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