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289183Re: postfix dimensioning

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  • Robert Schetterer
    Nov 1 2:22 AM
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      Am 01.11.2012 09:14, schrieb Ram:
      > On 11/01/2012 11:49 AM, mancyborg@... wrote:
      >> Hi All, first post here, nice to meet you :)
      >> I've been using postfix and dovecot for years but always with few users.
      >> Now i must build a server for 1500 users,
      >> they will use various email software (thunderbird, outlook, ..)
      >> the webmail (i'm not sure if squirrelmail or roundcube)
      >> and blackberry devices (with the BIS service).
      >> There will be around 1000 domains (virtual_domains) and postfix will
      >> read its users and domains from mysql.
      >> I already have the hardware, it is a server with 4 physical cpu (Intel
      >> Xeon E5504 @ 2.00GHz) and 24 gb of ram,
      >> do you think it is enough ?
      > Usually postfix would not be the bottleneck for any mail server. You
      > need to size for dovecot in your case.
      > And sizing would be impossible unless you know how many mails / hr or
      > concurrent imap / pop connections you are going to get.
      > Please size your dovecot server accordingly. The disk i/o will also be
      > very important when you size dovecot.
      > Thank
      > Ram
      > PS: 1500 users with 1000 domains means hardly 2 users per domain ..
      > Are these right numbers ?

      Hi, what you need is some idea of tec about backup, failure safety,
      loadbalancing , cluster storage etc specially on the imap/pop side,
      postfix side mostly is the more easy part in such setups
      and not known for needing heavy hardware or producing bottlenecks
      in short words, you have to think about the whole setup you wanna goal
      not special software like postfix, perhaps you should first look on
      dovecot site and list for examples and hints

      Best Regards
      MfG Robert Schetterer

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