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  • mancyborg@gmail.com
    Oct 31 11:19 PM
      Hi All, first post here, nice to meet you :)

      I've been using postfix and dovecot for years but always with few users.

      Now i must build a server for 1500 users,
      they will use various email software (thunderbird, outlook, ..)
      the webmail (i'm not sure if squirrelmail or roundcube)
      and blackberry devices (with the BIS service).

      There will be around 1000 domains (virtual_domains) and postfix will read its users and domains from mysql.

      I already have the hardware, it is a server with 4 physical cpu (Intel Xeon E5504 @ 2.00GHz) and 24 gb of ram,
      do you think it is enough ?

      Thanks for supporting,
      regards and have a nice day,
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