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288558Re: postfix add a line in body of email.

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  • Robert Schetterer
    Oct 1, 2012
      Am 01.10.2012 17:39, schrieb Reindl Harald:
      > *bruhahaha* *effective*
      > proven by what?
      > Am 01.10.2012 17:37, schrieb intelligent me:
      >> I know that but addition of this in email message body can be effective as many providers use this.
      >> On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 8:34 AM, Mark Goodge <mark@... <mailto:mark@...>> wrote:
      >> On 01/10/2012 15:54, achal wrote:
      >> I want to add a line in body of every email sent from my postfix centos 5
      >> smtp server.
      >> We want to add "welcome to our company we offer free SMTP services to those
      >> who do not spam".
      >> This is done to prevent spammers from using our mail services.I want this
      >> line to be added in body of every HTML and TEXT email.Is there a way to do
      >> this.
      >> If you don't want your servers to be used for spam then don't let your users send spam. If you're providing
      >> mail services to third parties then you need to make sure that you have an enforceable AUP which forbids spam,
      >> and have an effective mechanism for responding to complaints about spam.

      adding lines in mail body, may brake i.e dkim signatures etc , be aware
      of this, use altermime stand alone or with amavis, best way to do this
      is at mail create time/place however

      practise by other big mailers is add some lines if using their webmail
      client only , cause altermime may fail finding the end in mail body part
      and place your line different cause of different mail clients in the wild
      problems with crypto mail are also thinkable

      however i dont think that lines make sense at all, freemailers
      use them as marketing mostly

      Best Regards
      MfG Robert Schetterer
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