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288038Re: Bulk Mailing Performance

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  • Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz
    Sep 3, 2012
      DTNX Postmaster wrote:

      > They aren't my perfect world criteria, but a direct quote from Sam
      > Jones' earlier buzzword compliant reply.
      > It was meant to illustrate the often ridiculous nature of vendor
      > benchmarks, how useless they are in real world situations, and
      > therefore how silly it is to pick software based on theoretical limits
      > you will most likely never hit.

      Not really ridiculous. All those benchmarks are interesting, as they represent,
      say, the "intrinsic performance of the software". The problem is to tell (for
      the vendor) and to take into account (for the reader) the conditions at which
      the benchmark was done.

      But, sure, two pieces of software can be compared only if measurings are done
      with the same conditions. And one software which has better "intrinsic
      performance" may not be better in real world conditions.

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