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288008Re: How to troubleshoot timeout after xxxxxx problems

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  • Wietse Venema
    Aug 31, 2012
      Jeff Lacki:
      > timeout after CONNECT from outmail020.ash2.facebook.com[]
      > timeout after EHLO from outmail015.snc4.facebook.com[]
      > timeout after RCPT from outmail010.snc4.facebook.com[]
      > timeout after END-OF-MESSAGE from outmail005.snc4.facebook.com[]
      > timeout after DATA
      > 99% of the emails are from facebook, and each one fails at every stage after
      > about 5 minutes. My server is not loaded at all. As far as I can tell my

      Is there a stateful NAT router at your end? Then its port/address
      translation table may be too small to track all connections that
      are in progress. That would show up with tcpdump as sessions where
      after some random moment no new packets arrive from outside.

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