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287449Re: get email filename

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  • Wietse Venema
    Aug 2, 2012
      Wael MANAI:
      > I do not want to touch the queue files. Well, I am developing an
      > application for MMS which uses SMTP protocol. When a request msg is sent
      > sometimes the destination MMSC does not answer or answer too late. In
      > this case I need to close my context and to send an acknowledgement to
      > the origin MMSC. But with sendmail I do not know if the request msg is
      > delivered or still in postfix queue and I do not want to close my
      > context if the msg is still in queue. That is the reason I try to find a
      > mechanism to get postfix filename.

      With SMTP you only know that the SMTP server has RECEIVED the
      message. You don't know that the message is delivered.

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