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286804Postfix with Mailman and DKIM signing

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  • Andrew Hodgson
    Jun 29, 2012
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      I currently use a Mailman and Exim4 setup on Debian with Exim running
      the DKIM signing for outgoing mails. I have VERP set on in some
      lists, and on the lists doing VERP I am getting a very slow delivery
      time (around 10 minutes for 800 subscribers). If I don't use VERP the
      delivery time increases.

      On the Mailman-users list someone suggested Postfix may be a better
      bet for this type of delivery, I have been looking into this over the
      past few days and I can get the initial Postfix set up on a test VM,
      but want to know the best way of doing DKIM in Postfix?

      Any suggestions greatfully received.

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