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285540virtual mailboxes BUT NOT virtual domain

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  • Michael Hellwig
    May 2, 2012
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      I've been butting my head against this one for quite some time now.

      a system that used to be running courier-mta which started getting on my
      nerves like crazy, which is why I decided to switch to the
      postfix/dovecot combo that almost everyone seems to use nowadays.
      What I had on the courier-system was a combination of accounts. Some of
      them were system-accounts (i.e. users with shell login and a .maildir in
      their home) and virtual accounts (i.e. users with no shell login that
      were present as subfolders under /home/vmail, owned by vmail, and those
      subfolders had .maildirs in them). Those two types of accounts live on
      the same domain (which is just the hostname of the machine).

      Now I want that again. Dovecot is already up and running and works
      exactly as intended, i.e. system users can log in via some pam module,
      the virtual users with their passwords (encrypted) are defined in some
      config file under /etc/dovecot and both can log in and all is well.

      postfix is, for now, set up such that it allows the system-users to
      receive mail via smtp, but not the virtual users, because I've searched
      all howtos and docs and can't find out how to configure that. Every
      howto I've checked seems to assume that virtual users live under their
      own domain and never on the same domain as the system users.
      What works is that postfix checks against dovecot for login-credentials
      when mail-submission is used (port 587). So they do talk to each other.

      And whichever set of configs I tried (most of them via "just hand the
      mails to dovecot in some way or other") caused postfix to reject mails
      to either the system users, the virtual users or both with a "user
      unknown" error.

      So. Is this impossible? Or if it is possible, is there a howto that
      describes it? My google-fu on this one seems to be extremely weak as
      every query I try just gets me endless howtos for virtual domains.

      Thanks for any pointers.
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