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284900Re: smtpd_reject_footer: possible improvement

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  • Reindl Harald
    Mar 29, 2012
      Am 30.03.2012 00:51, schrieb Wietse Venema:
      >>>> i noticed that some software out there seems to handle it
      >>>> wrong and display ONLY the reject footer at all or whatever
      >>>> is the last response line
      >>> Indeed. I received several error messages that had the
      >>> smtpd_reject_footer reduced to what you observed.
      >> That is clear. However, smtpd_reject_footer is part of the stable
      >> release, so it cannot be changed.
      >> Hence, my request for suggestions how we would document this. Maybe
      >> we can use a name similar, but not identical, to "smtpd_reject_footer".
      > Another option is to extend smtpd_reject_footer's feature set,
      > so that
      > smtpd_reject_footer = \c Text to append
      > Will append the text without starting a new line. All other
      > smtpd_reject_footer features would work as before

      this sounds really good and would not change existing behavior
      (important for changes in minor releases) until one does it
      intentional while solving problems of cunfused outlook users

      and finally (correct me if i am wrong) it should not be too hard
      to implement in code and documentation
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