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284119Re: Restrictive Email Format forwarding to Script - [SOLVED]

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    Feb 29, 2012
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      On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 12:31:37PM +0100,
      Tugdual de Lassat (ML) wrote:
      > On 2/28/2012 07:15 PM, /dev/rob0 wrote :
      > > LEARN regular expressions if you plan to use them. KNOW what
      > > those metacharacters mean. KNOW how and when and why you need
      > > to anchor expressions.
      > I just regret that as usual when asking information on mailing
      > lists, certain 'so-named gurus' come to take you down regardless

      I am unable to comprehend this kind of mentality. If I post on a
      public forum asking for help, it is because I don't know what I did
      wrong, and I want someone to tell me what it was. I did that for you,
      and you are angry about it.

      > any explanations or any documentation. U don't have time, fine,
      > don't waste mine not answering.

      Likewise, this is beyond me. I had a busy day, but took a few minutes
      to reply and show you serious errors in your regular expressions. How
      is that "not answering?" Why should unpaid volunteers on a mailing
      list be concerned about your time? It should be the inverse: people
      asking questions should be thankful for what they get. If you want
      more, hire someone. (No, not me.) http://sweet.nodns4.us/

      I gave you specific regular expression terms to look up in regexp
      documentation. This being the Postfix list, if there is a Postfix
      issue, usually I will take the time to post the relevant links to
      Postfix documentation. Not knowing what regexp metacharacters mean
      and do, or how to anchor an expression: these are not Postfix

      I guess we are in different worlds. Enough said. Apologies to the
      list for the noise, but I suspect I am not alone in my feelings.

      EOT, followups will be ignored.
      http://rob0.nodns4.us/ -- system administration and consulting
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