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284113Re: Restrictive Email Format forwarding to Script - [SOLVED]

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  • Tugdual de Lassat (ML)
    Feb 29, 2012
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      On 2/28/2012 09:27 PM, Noel Jones wrote:
      >Wildcard domain transports are probably a mistake, quite likely to come
      back and bite you later.
      >Anyway, your regexp is wrong.
      >So the user is unknown for a domain listed in $mydestination.
      >You can use a regexp alias_maps something like
      >/^bounce\./ bounce@localhost
      >/^return\./ return@localhost

      Thanks a lot Noel, your help and documentation resources were
      Regexp was in cause (most of all that leading '^' and other little
      things), and aliases not correctly made as you stated... What had made me
      doubt was the fact that locally, server bounce/return were coped correctly
      on tests made, and stopped as soon as mail came externally..
      I managed to cope mappings and transports based on regexp
      successfully this morning, based on your return.. (but most of all on more
      personalization to meet our needs, and limit risks of wildcard domain
      transports and other relay risks)
      Transport tests (postmap -q ..) return successfully attended
      actions, and live mails (external and local) are coped correctly, with all
      derivative expressions (those taken as example by rob0) discarded as

      On 2/28/2012 07:15 PM, /dev/rob0 wrote :
      >LEARN regular expressions if you plan to use them. KNOW what those
      metacharacters mean. KNOW how and when and why you need to anchor

      I just regret that as usual when asking information on mailing
      lists, certain 'so-named gurus' come to take you down regardless any
      explanations or any documentation. U don't have time, fine, don't waste mine
      not answering.
      I admit not having 12 years' experience in postfix and regexp, but
      am not a newbie neither and understand my errors and correct them when I can
      find explanations or am linked to it.. I was awaiting another view of my
      made error which I had evidently made.. Not searching open criticism for

      Once Again Noel, Thanks a lot, u made my day way better ;)

      Tugdual de Lassat
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