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282823Re: Internal+external mailrelay

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  • Michael Maymann
    Jan 10, 2012
      Hi Noel,

      Thanks for you kind reply, and sorry for not being informative enough
      I would like to configure the following rules in postfix:
      1. All mail to our_own_domain are send to our_external_hosted_mailserver (Ralf already helped me with this...)
      2. All mail from our printers to external domains are send to our_isp_mailrelay
      3. All mail from everything but our printers to "whitelisted" external domains are send to our_isp_mailrelay (Ralf already helped me with this, but does this need to change...?)
      4. All other mail is bounced to bounce@our_own_domain.com

      As I'm pretty new to Postfix, can you point out the variables/configfiles that I need to edit to achieve this - or perhaps even give config example...:-) !

      Thanks in advance :-) !

      2012/1/10 Noel Jones <njones@...>
      On 1/10/2012 3:02 PM, Michael Maymann wrote:
      > Please, anyone who can help me with this...:-) !
      > ~maymann

      I don't think anyone quite knows what you're asking.

      Please explain your goals and current config as described here:

       -- Noel Jones

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