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282774Re: Internal+external mailrelay

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  • Michael Maymann
    Jan 8, 2012
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      Hi list,

      please, anyone who can help me with this - would like to implement next week if possible...?

      Thanks in advance :-) !

      2012/1/5 Michael Maymann <michael@...>
      Hi Ralf,

      one additional question.
      I figured that our printers perhaps should be allowed to send mails to anyone - hence I need to specifically relay mail for these to any domain.
      This mean I have to configure the following rules in postfix:
      1. All mail to our_own_domain are send to our_external_hosted_mailserver (done)
      2. All mail from our printers to external domains are send to our_isp_mailrelay
      3. All mail from everything but our printers to "whitelisted" external domains are send to our_isp_mailrelay (done ?)
      4. All other mail is bounced to bounce@our_own_domain.com

      Can you help with what I need to configure to get this working as well...:-) !

      Thanks in advance :-) !

      2012/1/3 Ralf Hildebrandt <Ralf.Hildebrandt@...>
      * Michael Maymann <michael@...>:
      > Hi Ralf,
      > Thanks again :-) !,
      > If I keep relayhost there, it will still be possible to send mails to
      > others than my "whitelisted" transport_maps,


      > or will transport_maps make relayhost irrelevant (not working /
      > commented out) ?


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