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282659feature request: %x in sql/ldap tables

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    Jan 3, 2012
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      %x When the input key is an address of the form
      user+extension@domain, %x is replaced by the SQL
      quoted recipient_delimiter and extension of the
      local part of the address. Otherwise, %x is
      empty. If the localpart is empty, the query is
      suppressed and returns no results.

      and also as a result format. Among other amazing uses, this would
      enable automatic sorting of virtual(8) mail to subfolders based on

      query = select (coalesce(path, '%d/%u/%x/') from VMailboxes ...
      where localpart || '%x' || '@' || domain is '%s'

      (I doubt that example would work with imapds as is, but surely a
      conditional expression could do the trick.)

      I know it's too late for Postfix 2.9, but is this possible? Does it
      make sense, or would it need too drastic a rewrite?
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