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282610Re: Aliases on local submissions only

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jan 1, 2012
      Philip Prindeville:
      > As such, I need it to perform aliasing *only* on messages generated
      > locally by system services, such as 'cron'.

      Both alias_maps and virtual_alias_maps are destination properties,
      not origin properties. Adding context-dependencies to one MTA
      configuration makes it harder to understand.

      > How do I configure that? I.e. that if a message is submitted locally
      > by a service such as 'cron' or 'logwatch', it should be aliased
      > to an internal mailbox name on an Intranet server...

      The multi-instance README file has an example that splits a mail
      server into a service MTA instance that handles mail from the
      network, and a null MTA instance that handles local submissions
      from cron jobs etc. Sounds that this is what you need.

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