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281868Re: Low Budget Backups

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    Dec 3, 2011
      >> As know one seems to have any other ideas, looks like it has to be

      >> some rsynch variant using whatever cheap remote storage I can find.
      > Seems kind of OT for this list, but since nobody else seems to
      > object...
      > Two questions: Does it need to be remote, and why just the mail
      > spool?  Why not the entire machine?
      > I'm currently backing up my machine at home to a WD "My Passport"
      > USB
      > drive, doing a monthly full and nightly differential, using a script
      > that employs rsync.  Each backup set looks like a full backup.  Works
      > like a champ.  I'm going to use the same script on the new mailserver
      > I'm building at work.
      > I have two drives, which I swap once-a-month.  The out-of-service
      > drive goes in the safe.  At work I'll probably do three or four, with
      > at least one in the bank safety deposit vault.

      OK, rsync it is. 

      Can you restore a system crash with a simple
      rsync backed set of duplicate files?

      And yes, sorry to the list about the OT topic

      Applies much appreciated.
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