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281852Re: Low Budget Backups

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    Dec 2, 2011
      >> No other people have systems for doing this?

      > we are using http://dbmail.org/ behind postfix and a replication-slave
      > if you have only one server you can setup a slave on a different port
      > as 3306 on
      > benefit of the slave is that you can stop it at any time, make a
      > copy of the whole mysql-datadir via rsync, cp over network or on
      > a external disk and after start the slave it will do all changes
      > happened on the master due the downtime
      > for me this is the best way to get consistent mail-backups without
      > any interruption of services

      That's pretty neat.  I'm not quite ready to migrate to that kind of
      email storage, not to mention there seems to be some amount
      of debate at how good of an IMAP server dbmail provides.  Probably
      another similar alternative could be Archiveopteryx:

      But, yes, nice system.  Thank you.

      As know one seems to have any other ideas, looks like it has to be
      some rsynch variant using whatever cheap remote storage I can find.
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