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281830Re: Low Budget Backups

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  • Robert Schetterer
    Dec 1, 2011
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      Am 02.12.2011 07:02, schrieb email builder:
      >>> Does anyone have any low-end/low-budget backup suggestions for user mail
      >>> spools? Consider hobby type scenarios or small businesses with a cheap single
      >>> hard drive rented (dedicated/shared) server where there may not be budget for
      >>> another server or paid backup service.
      >>> My thought was if data size wasn't too big, you can use duplicity[1]
      >>> and FTP the data to one of the few free "cloud"/online backup services
      >>> (I think filesonic allows reasonable FTP access level, memopal and box.net seem
      >>> to have webdav access, although might still be buggy to work with duplicity....
      >>> others I looked at either didn't seem to have webdav or FTP or had limits
      >>> that were too restrictive in their free accounts). Or just FTP stuff to an old
      >>> file server in your office that's not used for anything except backups, but
      >>> this depends on connectivity and consistent uptime.
      >>> Or to again use duplicity with a cheap paid FTP account like at rsync.net.
      >>> Are there other ways of achieving this?
      >> Built into postfix; examine always_bcc and its variants.
      > Thanks that's a good thing to keep in mind, but I'm not looking to archive all incoming messages, rather the current state of the users' mail spools.
      > No other people have systems for doing this?

      look here for in idea

      Best Regards

      MfG Robert Schetterer

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