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280261Re: upgrade to 2.8.5 with src rpm

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  • Reindl Harald
    Oct 3, 2011
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      Am 03.10.2011 18:48, schrieb Steve Jenkins:
      > Normally, I like to use RPMs when possible. However, in the case of
      > Postfix, I've found it's much easier, and allows for much more
      > flexibility, to simply declare the settings you need with "make
      > makefiles" and then just build from the source as explained in my
      > HowTo

      what is here easier?

      there are MTA-dependencies which are not given building beside the
      package-manager - dirty ways!

      > The Postfix RPMs I've seen floating around out there seem to have a
      > number of patches. I've discussed them with Simon Mudd (who build the
      > original Postfix RPMs a while back) and he warns that his spec file
      > (and the ones derived from it) is very old and based on much earlier
      > versions of Postfix, and that he's not following Postfix's progress
      > any more. Many of the available patches address issues that are
      > already addressed in the current Postfix version, and attempt to solve
      > issues that are no longer issues - thereby creating new issues. :)

      it takes 5 minutes to clean the SPEC-File and remove
      these patches - really i do not understand your problem
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