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280260Re: upgrade to 2.8.5 with src rpm

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  • Steve Jenkins
    Oct 3, 2011
      On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 2:32 AM, Nikolaos Milas <nmilas@...> wrote:
      > I would suggest you to use source code and build according to these
      > directions:
      > http://stevejenkins.com/blog/2011/01/building-postfix-2-8-on-rhel5-centos-5-from-source/

      At the risk of sounding biased, +1 to Nikolaos' thoughts. :)

      >>> Have you used sasl auth with packages built from this rpm? I've had a
      >>> heck
      >>> of a time trying to build with the pertinent features enabled on centos
      >>> 5.

      >> sasl authentication for sending mail works, but the package that manages
      >> the
      >> authentication is broken and only supports PLAIN authentication type as
      >> I want to reconfigure these packages for several types of authentication
      >> but I
      >> do not know how

      Normally, I like to use RPMs when possible. However, in the case of
      Postfix, I've found it's much easier, and allows for much more
      flexibility, to simply declare the settings you need with "make
      makefiles" and then just build from the source as explained in my

      The Postfix RPMs I've seen floating around out there seem to have a
      number of patches. I've discussed them with Simon Mudd (who build the
      original Postfix RPMs a while back) and he warns that his spec file
      (and the ones derived from it) is very old and based on much earlier
      versions of Postfix, and that he's not following Postfix's progress
      any more. Many of the available patches address issues that are
      already addressed in the current Postfix version, and attempt to solve
      issues that are no longer issues - thereby creating new issues. :)

      Again, I like RPMs - but in Postfix's case, the "make upgrade" path as
      designed by Wietse works wonderfully, and it's what I recommend with

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