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280225Re: BCC in access type

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  • Wietse Venema
    Oct 1, 2011
      > According to access Manpage
      > http://www.postfix.org/access.5.html
      > The BCC option for a access lookup is not supported. When will
      > support for BCC be added ?

      According to the HISTORY file:


      Feature: BCC access/policy action, to demonstrate that this
      is not a good feature. The action's behavior is non-intuitive
      and requires too much documentation to explain. It's
      therefore snapshot only. File: smtpd/smtpd_check.c.

      Among the limitations are: the BCC access/policy action can't be
      used in the before-smtpd_proxy_filter smtpd process, and it can't
      be used with smtpd_delay_reject=no before the MAIL FROM command
      (these limitations also apply to FILTER, HOLD, DISCARD, REDIRECT).

      These limitations don't exist with recipient/sender_bcc_maps;
      every match will add a BCC recipient. The differences between
      _bcc_maps and BCC in access maps make the feature non-intuitive.

      And intuitive it has to be, because many people assume that Postfix
      documentation is as useless as other documentation.

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