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279614Re: mailman configuration issue with a functional postfix server

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  • Wietse Venema
    Sep 1, 2011
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      J. Bakshi:
      > Hello list,
      > It seems a postfix configuration problem, hence posting here.
      > This is an open-suse 11.4 box with a postfix server, support multidomain
      > and functional since 2006.
      > I have installed mailman here. I have followed the suse README
      > file shipped with this mailman package and done the configuration
      > accordingly. I have created a list and can sent there subscription
      > request. the system also sent me back the mail having confirmation code.
      > Good..... A reply to that message do noting and not get any mail after sending
      > reply to that again and again. So completed subscription with web link.
      > Welcome mail sentarrived. Not bad till now. But when I sent mail to the list,
      > those mails are not distributed... :-( I think there is something missing
      > in postfix ( actually in the manual) that mailman can't sent confirmation as well
      > as distribute the mail to the list.
      > The aliases has been added at /etc/aliases and main.conf has already
      > this file as alias_map
      > The main.cf and master.cf is unchanged as there is nothing
      > in README which advise to do any modification.
      > Could someone kindly enlighten me to realize the missing link ?

      First, have a look at the error and warning messages in the maillog

      Second, have a look at the instructions in the welcome message of
      this mailing list.

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