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279613mailman configuration issue with a functional postfix server

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  • J. Bakshi
    Sep 1, 2011
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      Hello list,

      It seems a postfix configuration problem, hence posting here.

      This is an open-suse 11.4 box with a postfix server, support multidomain
      and functional since 2006.

      I have installed mailman here. I have followed the suse README
      file shipped with this mailman package and done the configuration
      accordingly. I have created a list and can sent there subscription
      request. the system also sent me back the mail having confirmation code.
      Good..... A reply to that message do noting and not get any mail after sending
      reply to that again and again. So completed subscription with web link.
      Welcome mail sentarrived. Not bad till now. But when I sent mail to the list,
      those mails are not distributed... :-( I think there is something missing
      in postfix ( actually in the manual) that mailman can't sent confirmation as well
      as distribute the mail to the list.

      The aliases has been added at /etc/aliases and main.conf has already
      this file as alias_map

      The main.cf and master.cf is unchanged as there is nothing
      in README which advise to do any modification.

      Could someone kindly enlighten me to realize the missing link ?

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