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279608Re: Postdrop doesn't always stop when "postfix stop" is issued

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  • Quanah Gibson-Mount
    Aug 31, 2011
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      --On Wednesday, August 31, 2011 7:58 PM -0400 Wietse Venema
      <wietse@...> wrote:

      > Quanah Gibson-Mount:
      >> This is extremely difficult to reproduce, but it does happen
      >> occasionally -- We will tell postfix to stop, and once that is
      >> complete, a "postdrop" process will sometimes remain, and will run
      >> until it is manually killed.
      >> Is this an expected behavior of postdrop -- That after the master
      >> postfix is stopped, it is expected sometimes that it may continue
      >> running, regardless?
      > This is 100% intentional. The Postfix sendmail command MUST NOT
      > drop mail on the floor while the mail system is down.
      > For example there are programs that run at boot time that rely on
      > the availability of sendmail command-line submission, such as text
      > editors that want to send "how to recover your session" email.
      > Other daemons such as cron may be running while the Postfix daemons
      > are down for whatever reason. Their mail should not be lost, either.

      Hi Wietse,

      Thanks, I think I understand what is happening. This is the Zimbra
      Postfix, not the system one. We generally see this when upgrading Zimbra
      to a newer version. I see that the order services stop is to have the
      mailbox server (which receives email from postfix over LMTP) stop before
      postfix is stopped. My guess is that postfix is in the middle of trying to
      deliver an email to it when this happens. I'll change the stop order so
      that postfix is stopped long before the mailbox, which should give postdrop
      time to finish any deliveries it needs before the mailbox server is stopped.



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