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279549Re: Webmin as an admin tool?

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  • Reindl Harald
    Aug 26, 2011
      Am 27.08.2011 00:43, schrieb Miles Fidelman:
      > Robert Schetterer wrote:
      >> Am 26.08.2011 19:56, schrieb Reindl Harald:
      >>> Am 26.08.2011 19:28, schrieb John:
      >>>> I do not want to start a flam war, but what are the thoughts on using webmin
      >>>> as a tool to administer postfix (+dovecot, but that is outside this group)
      >>> missing knowledges, inwilling to learn and the naive hope a GUI
      >>> which is hiding complex things behind some beautiful windows
      >>> will be an anlterantive to learn how things are working
      >> i use it on relay setups , for editing
      >> i.e relay users,domains tables for windows guys
      >> who dont know ssh etc
      >> i wouldnt recommend it as general tool, but in parts it can be very
      >> helpfull, you may use a seperate webmin user and restrict/hide editing
      >> parameter settings etc
      > I use it for managing bind files - it's simply easier and less prone to errors
      > than navigating through text files full of DNS records

      on the other hand it took my one night to get a own named-backend for mysql
      generating the "bind-files" in a text-field and the servers are checking
      via cron if there are changes, two years later it took 2 hours to get this
      thing optimized for generate a translation LAN/WAN in a second text-field to
      provide public dns and LAN-DNS for some hundret domains via a unique backend

      additionally a-records in the backend undrstand servernames without domain
      and while writing the "zone-file" it will be replaced with the ip, nice for
      manage MX/A-Record while never have a IP more than once

      this are the differences between any generic gui crap where you never know
      what happens if you start needing extended options nor is your config
      readable most of the times or unneeded complex

      well, the mailserver backend took much longer but here you have also options
      for "company-hacks" in the webinterface and you can add tables/translations
      and automatisms exactly how you need them

      generic webuis always support only a subset of options and if your needs
      are changing you get a hughe problem eating all the time you thought saved
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