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279538Re: Webmin as an admin tool?

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  • Robert Schetterer
    Aug 26, 2011
      Am 26.08.2011 19:56, schrieb Reindl Harald:
      > Am 26.08.2011 19:28, schrieb John:
      >> I do not want to start a flam war, but what are the thoughts on using webmin
      >> as a tool to administer postfix (+dovecot, but that is outside this group)
      > missing knowledges, inwilling to learn and the naive hope a GUI
      > which is hiding complex things behind some beautiful windows
      > will be an anlterantive to learn how things are working

      i use it on relay setups , for editing
      i.e relay users,domains tables for windows guys
      who dont know ssh etc
      i wouldnt recommend it as general tool, but in parts it can be very
      helpfull, you may use a seperate webmin user and restrict/hide editing
      parameter settings etc
      Best Regards

      MfG Robert Schetterer

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