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279534Re: Webmin as an admin tool?

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  • John
    Aug 26 11:18 AM
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      My initial thought was to save my existing config, then use webmin to
      build a config and compare the two. if they are miles apart then drop
      the idea.
      Part of my reasoning here is that I am getting old and I need to farm
      out some of my work, most of the people that I have been asked to look
      at are not CLI literate and are not particularly keen on becoming so.
      John Allen
      > John:
      >> I do not want to start a flam war, but what are the thoughts on using
      >> webmin as a tool to administer postfix (+ dovecot, but that is outside
      >> this group).
      > The following is not specific to GUIs, but applies to any program
      > that automatically parses and updates configuration. Be careful
      > about making changes by hand - the tool (GUI or otherwise) may not
      > understand everything.
      > Wietse

      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)
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