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279139Re: patch proposal

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  • Hari Hendaryanto
    Aug 3, 2011
      On 8/3/2011 9:23 PM, Wietse Venema wrote:
      >> I have another scenario
      >> tcp:host:port
      >> tcp:/path/name
      > Sorry, tcp:/path/name is bad user interface design. Everywhere else
      > in Postfix, one has to specify the socket TYPE before the socket
      > NAME (with BC compatibility for programs such as the SMTP client
      > or TCP map that were desigined initially for TCP sockets only).
      that's fine with me, on my first. patch i'm using "usock" as dict type,
      since "unix" already
      used for unix user/group lookup table. but it has been said that there
      was namespace
      issue with that design. well, i guest i have to look for another third
      party work arround :)

      >> The reason why i wanted this feature is, by using unix domain socket i
      >> can protect my backend server from interference on multiuser environment.
      >> while tcp server is adequate for my single administrator/user
      >> environment server.
      > And I have to consider the longer-term issue of keeping the system
      > usable as it evolves. This means I will fight to keep the use
      > interface clean.
      This is very understandable to me :) . i just want to connect to unix
      domain socket with
      with a similar protocol as tcp_table. thanks a lot for attention Wietse.

      > Wietse

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